Monday, September 6, 2010

Someone else's computer + good time = bad time

So, last night, I was enjoying a nice glass of red wine (you know, for the antioxidants) and using my boyfriend's Macbook, when suddenly, out of nowhere...

My adorable cat leapt onto the coffee table, swished her tail sassily, and knocked the glass of wine across his keyboard!

Or, wait, was it...

An earthquake halfway across the world gave my apartment a little shimmy. The table shook and, through no fault of my own, the wine splashed across the clean white keys!

Or, uhhhh...

Aliens invaded Earth and one of their drone ships slammed into my apartment building and shattered the ceiling, knocking a small piece of plaster into the glass which caused it to tip onto the computer

You believe me, right? Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly what happened.

Sadly, as is so often the case, the truth is far less exciting. As I reached for the glass, I hit the far side with my hand and spilled the entire contents across the keyboard. Red wine smeared across the pristine white keyboard, like blood on a doctor's white coat. I turned the computer upside down as quickly as I could, but in those few deer-in-headlights moments, a good bit of wine had already seeped in. In one quick moment, I nullified both his computer warranty and the 'honeymoon' part of our relationship.

Update: Today, we took the computer in to the Apple Store. When we pushed the on button to demonstrate how the computer wouldn’t come on, it proved us wrong by actually booting up. We were able to back-up all of his files, music, movies on an external drive. We’re not in the clear yet. Wine is corrosive, so there’s a chance it damaged (and may continue to damage) the motherboard, but at least I don’t have to buy him a new computer today!

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