Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm a PC?

I've been hesitant to spend money on my writing, because honestly up until now. This was just something to do for fun, because I had a neat idea, and I wanted to write it down. But now, two years in, I really really really reaeaealllly want to finish. And, I’ve hit a wall.

I have plenty of excuses. I work full-time. I volunteer two or three days a week with an animal rescue group. (Please spay and neuter your pets!) I have to clean up after my boyfriend, two cats, and three fish. But let’s be honest. Everyone’s busy. There are people way busier than me out there who find the time to finish their novels.

And really, I don’t think time’s the issue. I’m sitting here blogging, watching Man vs. Food (Netflix instant streaming is my best friend and worst enemy- what kind of world do we live in that everything I want is at the touch of my fingertips?!). I have time to finish. But lately, I’ve been opening my WIP, staring at it for 30-45 minutes and then running off to do something else (can we say Atlanta Anime Con?).

After a fantastic suggestion from half of my blog followers (!), I decided to investigate some software to help with my "closet dilemma."

But my quest for software is at a standstill. Last night, I dropped by Best Buy to check out my options.
Here’s how the conversation went:

            “HEY! You’re that guy from ***** (my boyfriend’s band).”
I am practically shoved to the ground, as the Best Buy employee drools over my boyfriend.
*15 minute intermission, while Best Buy employee and boyfriend talk music*
“So, can I help you?”
I get to chime in, finally. “I’m looking for some writing software.”
He leads us to a very small aisle in a dark corner of the store. We have to pull cobwebs down as we walk. He shows us the four boxes of scrapbooking software. I shake my head slowly.
“I need you to be more specific.” He scratches his chin while looking over the software. My boyfriend is goofing around on his iPhoneTM.
“Novel writing software. I want something to help me finish a book. The first two-thirds went great, but this last third is all out of whack. I need help. There are these programs for Macs that help you arrange stuff, with sticky notes and stuff.” He gives me a look, like I’ve just dropped a few billion f-bombs in his face.
“Well, this is all we have.” The selection sucks.
I’m a PC.

We went to two stores, with the same outcome. No one carries PC software other than the Microsoft SuiteTM products, SimCityTM, and  Cake ManiaTM. Time for the online search to begin. I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully, I’ll find some decent, downloadable software.

Okay, I’m off to watch my boyfriend judge the Anime Convention Rock Band battle of the Rock BandsTM or not.

Happy Saturday!

Addition: I forgot to mention, my song-writing, musically-creative boyfriend owns a Mac. One store suggested I borrow his computer. So apparently, that's the solution. Are you creative and own a PC? Make friends with someone who has a Mac!

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  1. Ugh. Why oh why isn't there a Scrivener for PCs? I want it too! I'm kicking myself for buying that PC laptop a year ago. Could've gotten a small mac, but I wanted bigger for writing. I feel you!