Sunday, June 12, 2011

Updated Grades (aka 'Editing down a storm'?)

Le sigh. Sometimes I feel like because I'm in my late twenties, I should be a better writer/editor/whatever than I am. Then, I have to remind myself that I have never writing a story before in my entire life (unless you count the glorious ten-page saga, The Magic Ring, which I don't).

In a late night fit of something that is not editing, which is what I should be doing, I am forcing myself to revisit my report card. As you may recall, I got an A in Editing in a previous post, Editing up a storm.

I can only assume I had some sort of inappropriate relationship with the person assigning those grades, because I am not sure it was very well deserved. I've got a mean grader evaluating this time (a less caffeinated me), and here are my new grades:

School of Life
Student: Elizabeth

Thinking about editing while doing something else: A+
Turning on the computer and opening Power Trio: A
Actually editing: C-
Working an a WIP or blog post, so that at least my fingers don't forget how to use a keyboard: B
Editing up a storm: C-
Editing down a storm: What does that even mean?
Going to bed instead of editing: A+

So, maybe I like to tease myself a little bit. But I'll do anything that helps prod me into getting some actual work done. It's happening this week- no more excuses. I made a schedule and I'm going to stick to it. I will finish editing by July 31. Wish me luck.

Night everyone!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back and better than ever!

Or, okay, maybe I'm back and about the same. But it feels good to get back into in the swing of things. I've picked up a couple new books (at the closing of my favorite Borders- nooooooooo). I'm still editing Power Trio and haven't been quite as successful as I would have liked, but I am finally letting someone else read it. However, that person is my significant other (I know, I know, not a viable critic). But in his defense, he is a writer and a librarian, and I think he secretly likes to hurt my feelings (He told me one of my favorite paragraphs distracts form the scene! How dare he!).

I have definitely been missing reading all of the amazing posts from you all. I'm excited to get caught up. And that direct correlation between writing on the blog frequently and working on my story frequently holds true. It's hard some days to sit down and write, even lately when I've not been so busy, but just typing this makes me want to open my WIP (I miss amnesia girl!). Maybe I'll try to get in a little writing tonight.

I'll also have to give you all an update on my latest animal adventure- I'm fostering a semi-feral cat from the shelter I volunteer at. He's been quite the treat, although I'm not convinced that he's semi-feral. He's definitely a little awkward, but even after 10+ years of minimal human interaction (before coming to our shelter), he seems to crave it. I think he'd really like to meet my other cat, but she's not so into it yet. We'll be introducing them gradual. Good things come to those who take their time.