Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Editing up a storm

I wanted to share a little progress report with everyone:

School of Life
Student: Elizabeth

Science: A+
Math: Incomplete (I still need to finish my taxes!)
Home Economics: C (The laundry is not going to do itself.)
P.E.: B- (Time to hit the gym.) 
Procrastination, with a concentration in TV watching: A++
Blog Updating: B-
Editing: A

That's right- an A in Editing!! Aren't you proud? Feel free to hang it on your refrigerator, I know I will.

I've made some really awesome progress on Power Trio. I'm not sure how other people go about doing this, but here's my approach: I have a document, entitled 'Power Trio', that contains my first draft. I have a second document entitled 'Extra Lines' which is full of 10,000 words of things I wrote in that first draft and then deleted or funny quips or lines I thought of that haven't made it into the actual document. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Yet to be determined. Then, and this one has been the bane of my existence, I have a third document labeled 'Second half- incomplete 11 2010.' Sigh. I work in that documents and move the chapters over to the 'Power Trio' file. Over time 'Second half' shrunk to 'Third third' and now it's hover at about 'Final fifth.'

If all goes well, I'll officially finish the first draft by April! How fantastic!

Also, I have some incredible news to share. I'm always blabbing about how I only recently discovered the world of writing. I was not one of those kids who grew up writing. I couldn't even keep a journal. Instead, I grew up with my chemistry set and my science summer camps (Why, yes, I was a Young Astronaut!). 

But wait! I have stumbled upon a gem of all gems. This is the Holy Grail of Wannabe Writer history. I wrote a story! And I did the illustrations. After reading it and laughing so hard I sobbed, I have decided to share it will you for Elizabeth P.'s upcoming blogfest. You should consider participating too, but definitely come back here on April 1 to join me in celebrating my progress as a writer.


  1. Yay! on Power Trio!

    And I so cannot wait to see this story.

  2. OMG that sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait until I see that! With illustrations and everything...

  3. Ooh...I want an A in editing too. Give us your secrets.

  4. I confess, it's an A for effort, not for quality! Similar to the A (ahem, B+) I got on my Nietzsche paper in college. I think the professor wrote something like: "Nice effort, but you clearly didn't understand it." Sigh.