Not-Frequently Asked Questions

This page is entitled "NFAQ" because I have yet to be asked a question. Not a single question! Even with the whole wide world out there, no one is wondering what I had for breakfast or where my favorite place to read is. Actually, maybe people are wondering, but they just don't know I have a blog yet. When they figure it out, they're going to be all over this page. And then I'll change the title to VVVFAQ (very very very frequently asked questions).

But for now I'll just imagine the sort of questions I think they would ask:

What time of day do you get the most writing done?
By far my most productive hours are during the morning. I would say 7 to 9, which is a shame because I usually have to spend those at work.

Boxers or briefs?
Hmmm. A hypothetical, but tough question. I think I'd be a boxer-briefs kind of girl. I like a little support, but not too much.

I recently added some family stickers to the back of my car, so now I actually do have a very frequently asked question (usually hollered at my in a parking lot):

Do you really have that many cats?
Not quite, but I wish.