Thursday, December 8, 2011

Developmental milestones

I made it through NaNo, no better than last year. Actually, a little worse- I only wrote about 10,000 words. But they really aren't bad, and I'm happy to have at least those. I think it was hard to do NaNo because I've been on such a roll with editing the first book of Power Trio that I was still in that frame of mind. But now I have two options (writing or editing) when I sit down at the computer, so I can pick whichever I'm in the mood for.

Sitting down at the computer, however, has been difficult all on its own. I had to have a minor surgical procedure (lancing a cyst the base of my spine), which has prevented me from doing anything for the last week. I was home from work and I didn't volunteer at the Santa pet photos over the weekend like I do every year (, but don't worry, I'm still going to next week!). But because I couldn't sit upright, I was barely able to do anything. I even had a hard time reading. It's tricky to read on your side without your arm going numb... But I'm back at 90% and able to sit upright for a little while at a time. I think that makes me the equivalent of a 7 month old baby. Progress!

In other news, my old, deaf cat recently found his voice and has taken to caterwauling (or the male, non-heat version of it). He made a bunch of noise when I brought him home in May, but he's been relatively quiet for the last few months. My mom came to town to help me out over the weekend, and she took to spoiling my cats (as any good cat grandmother would do). They got treats whenever they wanted, and extra wet food because she was worried the old, deaf cat was "too skinny." I think he's making a ton of noise, hoping that she's still here and will come feed him, but sadly, it's just me and he doesn't get wet food from me all the time. Only when I decide it's time, mwah ha ha (mini power trip). But if he keeps making all this racket, I'm going to have to put some food in that pie hole to shut him up...

Hope you all had a happy and productive November and are gearing up for a great December!