Sunday, December 19, 2010


Success! I am rejoining the electronic world. After three weeks of agonizing hours-long phone calls with AT&T, they finally fixed my internet. The best part? No, it's not being back on blogger (although, that is pretty sweet). It's the fact that AT&T was wrong. They insisted the entire time that it was my problem- either faulty wiring in the house or a broken modem. Turns out, the signal was never even making it to the house. Knowing that I was right doesn't completely make up for the three weeks of "net-less" life I had to endure (oh the woes), but it does give me a right bit of satisfaction. I wish I could tell you that I had an amazingly productive few weeks, and that I finished one of my projects, but I can't. I didn't come to a screeching halt, but this is definitely a hard time of year to concentrate on anything. All that to say, I'm glad to be back and really excited to get caught up on what's happened while I was "away."

Two interesting stories before I had to bed. I attended my first NHL game today and watched the Atlanta Thrashers cream the NJ Devils, 7-1.
Hockey seems like an interesting sport. From what I could tell, there are three basic rules:
1) if you beat the puck over the blue line, you get in trouble,
2) if you hit the puck really hard across the ice and no one gets it before it hits the wall, you start over, and
3) if you beat someone really hard, you get in trouble, and they guy you beat up gets in trouble too.
I should note that my first word ever was not "Mama" or "ball," but "puck." I think that gave me an advantage.

Also, this is probably true everywhere right now, but what is going on with traffic lately?! I sat for over an hour on Peachtree (ah, the infamous Atlanta Peachtree roads) and only made it about a 1 mile. Sure, maybe I shouldn't have gone near the part of Atlanta where two shopping malls sit catty-corner from each other during the Christmas shopping season, but still. An hour?! One mile?! I did get some plotting done for my still unfinished NaNo. I guess sometimes being gridlocked in real life can help get things moving in other places. Wait, that sounds strange. But you know what I mean.

Oh, third interesting thing: I'm Santa. That's the reason I've been away from my computer. I've had to get all these presents ready. It's not easy, people!

Long story. It was for charity...
I signed up to take the photos and this is what happened.

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  1. And yet, way less pervy than most of the santas around here.

    I fell in love with hockey when I lived in Canada. I still don't know much about the rules, but yeah, that's pretty much it. If you fight, you get to spend five minutes in time out. I think that's hilarious. The looks on some of the guys's faces when they're taking their five for fighting is worse than anything I've ever seen on a child. Children just sit around and sulk, but hockey players are beating on the plexiglass, rearing to do it again. And again. And again.

    It's good to have you back, other me. I've missed myself.