Saturday, March 10, 2012

Foster cat update: Horner's syndrome

I thought I'd give a quick status update on my foster cat, for anyone who might be interested. I brought him one back in July (a few months after our senior kitty passed away). Wildman is an old guy, and a long-term shelter resident, so I wanted to give him a comfortable place to spend his "golden years."

We think he's around 14 or 15 and based on the issues he's having, that seems pretty right. He's got chronic ear infections, so he's always on antibiotics, which help a little, but aren't ever going to completely resolve the issue. Also, the ear infections caused facial paralysis on the right side of his face (probably from all the scratching).

Horner's syndrome of the right eye.
 In the last few days, it's turned into Horner's syndrome- a condition where the top eyelid drops, the third (nictating) eyelid closes, and the pupil constrictions. He was also diagnosed with hyperthyroid (a normal cat has a range of 0.7-5, and in a senior cat, a level above 2.5 might be considered hyperthyroid (when you take signs and symptoms into consideration). Wildman's test came back at 13! Yikes. So now, he's getting twice daily pills for that too. And he's got high blood pressure, and he's on human meds for those. I crack up every time I go to the pharmacy to fill my prescription for "Wildman B."

He goes back to the vet this week to have blood drawn again. Now that he's on hyperthyroid meds, there's a chance it had previously masked some other issues (like kidney failure) so they'll check on all of that. Sorry for the long and rambling, non-book related post, but I wanted to share, just in case anyone else out there has a senior cat. I'd love to hear how things are going with your older pets (and the younger ones too)!
Best buds!

Despite all of his issues, I think he's truly happy in our home. He spends his days napping on the couch and hanging out with my other cat. He's a lot of work, but it's totally worth it. Now a plug for senior cats- if you're considering adding to your family, consider an older pet. Not only are they trained and far less destructive, I think they appreciate a good home more than the younger ones do.

Also, I'm finally decided to finish the Hunger Game series, so my librarian boyfriend brought home Mockingjay a few weeks ago. Only now it's missing somewhere in the house. We had company over last weekend and I think in the cleaning frenzy that preceded, I tossed it somewhere randomly. I've looked in all the typical places (in my nightstand, in the den that we have set up as a library, the bottom of the coffee table) and it's no where. I'm getting desperate. Any suggestions? What's the weirdest place you've found a missing book?

Update: Mockingjay has been found. It had gotten mixed in with the bf's comic books. But in sad news, it has to go back tomorrow since it's way overdue, but at least it's been found!!


  1. Ah bless...Poor kitty. My kitty (she's about 8-9) goes in next month for a blood test to check for hyperthyroid. I'd take her in sooner but she's due for her booster injections next month, so I'll get them done at the same time to prevent too much stress. She was diagnosed with heart failure 7 months ago, and now they reckon this may have been brought on by an undetected hyperthyroid. She's on two lots of tablets twice a day (from the vet, not and luckily she seems to be doing really well on them. She's a persian cat who hates being groomed, and now I'm too scarred to groom her and go through the usual fights as it's not good for her, so she's not as pristine as she used to be but she's happy.

    I agree with rehoming older cats. Kittens are fun but older cats are more appreciative. I hope everything goes well for Wildman. And as for the book, I have no idea where that would be, sorry :)

    1. I bet she is enjoying life without being groomed! My other cat would looooove if I never touched her with a brush again. Hope you're sweetie is feeling better soon!

  2. Do you have an e-reader? Because I can loan you Mockingjay on Kindle if you do.

    Older kitties do appreciate it more, I think. At least, mine do. I don't have any very old kitties anymore. My oldest is six but was adopted when she was two and her disposition is way different from the kittens that were born royal. Even Henry, who was adopted when he was three months behaves different from the ones who, quite frankly, take the sleep-on-the-bed-never-an-empty-belly-catnip-mouse-at-every-turn lifestyle for granted.

    I hate that Wildman is on so many meds, but LMAO at the prescriptions! I have to pick up meds from a compounding pharmacy for Vampire Bill every now and then. The last time I went in, three pharmacists scrambled forward to see who would name their kid "Vampire".

    1. Ha! Vampire! That's a good one too. I wish I had an e-reader because I'm dying to finish the series, but more than that I am really needing to find the actually book. I hate paying library replacement fines! Thanks for the offer though. I'll let you know if I ever get one!

  3. Aw, poor guy. Hopefully things work out for him, glad he has somewhere nice to spend his time.

    So, I totally have tickets for the Thursday midnight showing. SO EXCITED!!!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)