Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Darkest Secret

I'm going to reveal something to you that I would never tell anyone (except maybe my mother). It's a dark secret that I keep hidden away because I fear what it says to the world. And a recent turn of events has reinforced what a terrible thing this is. Are you ready for it?




I use Internet Explorer 9. SOB!

I'm the worst. I pretend day in and day out to be tech savvy. I chat with my web developer friends about html and java and way IE sucks because pages have to be developed using non-standard code. In public, I claim to use Chrome (because it sounds sooo cool). I'm also a PC, which I stand by, but would also likely not confess to these same friends (and as I mentioned above, I would tell my mom, only because I think she might still be using IE6 on her Commodore 64).

I hate when I go to log in to blogger in my typical web browser and I get all these wonky images and error messages. I get it, you don't like IE, and you're not going to continue to cater to a non-standard web browser. But it hurts. Because it's a reminder of how not cool I am. And I swear, normally, I'm very nerdy-cool. I own every game system (yes, even a SegaCD). My basement looks like something out of a teen boys fantasy dream, equipped with a Dreamcast store display stand-up video game kiosk and three rows of comic book shelves (repurposed pantyhose shelves from a department store that went out of business).

That's it. That's my secret shame. And that means when I want to update my blog, I need to open up Firefox (I know it's just as bad!!!!! Shut up, web people) and log in again. But I'm willing to do it for you!

Hope everyone is having a great and happy March. Anyone do anything special for Leap Day? My mom donated blood and helped rescued a manatee. I saw a man taking the trash out in his tighty-whities. I think I win. Unless one of you can beat me.


  1. Actually, you don't need to open ANY browser to post to your blog! You can set it up to post by email! TRUE STORY!

    1. That is definitely an option I need to explore. Then I'll have one less reason to procrastinate!

  2. IE and Firefox aren't that bad. Usually it's the way people use them that makes them go bad.