Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm still writing a book

Let's get the sad news out of the way. My wonderful foster cat passed away. Towards the end his medical care was very intensive and very emotionally/physically draining. I wouldn't trade the time with him for anything, but I found that I didn't have much energy to do anything else. He lived a very full life and I was happy to have him for the time I did (although I find myself wishing I could have seen what he was like as a kitten).

In happier news, my real-life job is going well. I got to travel and I'm publishing a manuscript this month (I seem to be able to get writing done at the office!).

Not much progress to report on the writing front, but I'm still working. A few of the other writers I know have gotten book deals- I'll be sure to tell you when their stuff comes out. In the next few months, I think. Seeing them achieve their goals is actually inspiring me to keep going. I hit a bit of a lull, but I've moved to a new writing spot (an adorable tea place) and the change of place is helping me thing of some solutions to the things I'd been tripping on before. Here's hoping the rest of the summer is even more productive.

Happy Fourth everyone!

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  1. :( Sorry to hear about Wildman. But so glad you two got to know each other.