Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Check-In #1

Power Trio, book 2- 1700 words
Move- 30% complete, family reinforcements coming Monday, movers coming on Wednesday (for the big stuff)
Dinner- thinking of making vegetarian white chili

I've already made two trips over to the new place. I moved a lot of the kitchen items, and now I'm craving white chili. I don't have measuring spoons or mixing bowls, but at least I had the forethought to leave the can opener.

After I get that started (which will probably require a grocery store run), I plan on sitting down in front of the computer and duct taping my hands to keyboard until I get a decent word count. I have to make up for the last few days of slacking.

I'm struggling with the little things in Power Trio 2. I know the main conflict/antagonist. I have a smaller antagonist. I have the love interest(s). I know where my characters are going to start and where they're going to go (mostly talking physically, but I do have some sense of character growth/change that I want to cover).

I'm having a hard time coming up with the actual scenes. Which is why it's kind of perfect that I'm doing NaNo, because the whole point is to stop thinking and start writing. I'm sure if I just open the word document, something will happen.

But, first, the chili!!!

If anyone is up for a Word War later, I'll be on twitter. : )

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  1. Just duct tape yourself to the chair, they type something, anything and it will come.

    You've got more guts than me to do Nanowrimo