Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Staying alive, staying alive

I have a brief shining moment in my internet in my currently sad internet-less life and I've decided to spend it with you. Awwww. I wanted to give a few good updates and my thoughts:
  • I'm hovering at about 5,000 words in Power Trio 2 but...
  • My move is done. The boxes are not unpacked, but I have located all of the essentials (work clothes), but...
  • The other life essential, internet, is not connected. Which should actually help me focus on bullet one, but thus far has only made life more complicated. Trying to coordinate all the move stuff with the old landlord, get the mail forwarded (what do you mean I should have done that weeks ago?!), and all that mess is much harder without access to email. Annnnnnd my work just changed their filter so I can no longer access personal email at work (good for them, bad for me).
  • And in cat news, which I know you can't get enough of, I've found a sort of new therapy for ear infections that I think I'm going to try for my semi-feral foster cat. Laser therapy that's supposed to help with inflammation. I haven't really looked into it yet, and I'm sure it's terribly expensive (I might be starting a Wildman fund), but after the two months of antibiotics and two flushings didn't do a thing (other than make the bacteria resistant) I'm ready to try something else.
Okay, off to up that word count! Hope you're all doing well in Nano and otherwise.

Of note, "no internet" is a label that I've used before. Probably last November when I moved. I'll have to do some exploring and find it... the NEXT TIME I have INTERNET.

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