Thursday, January 13, 2011

Psychic Encounters

If I had to choose one word to describe myself, it would be logical. I love numbers and puzzles and solving for 'x.' I play KenKen constantly. When it comes to big decisions, I let my head take the lead. Don't get me wrong, my heart is still in the picture; it's just not driving.

But lately I've been grappling with a big decision, and I've come to the conclusion that there is no logically right or wrong answer. It boils down to whether or not I want to do this particular thing. Life's full of tough choices, ain't it?

Now to skip to a seemingly unrelated subject-
A few months ago, I went to see an art exhibition entitled, Woman's Image. The show was a collection of images (mostly photographs) depicting each artist's interpretation of what it means to be female in America. Awesome stuff, really.

The second floor of the gallery had a very interesting collection of photographs with questions written in pencil on the matting. On the coffee table was a book explaining that these were divinations from the Oracle, a photographer and artist who started dabbling with readings in 2006. The first thing my logic-oriented brain thought was 'What does this have to do with being female in America?' but once I got over that I started to appreciate the project. Even without the psychic element, the photos were gorgeous: great composition, beautiful color, and interesting subject matter.

To receive a reading, you call the Oracle on her cell phone (this is the 21st Century after all). You don't ask your question, but rather engage in some idle chit-chat. Wherever the Oracle is at that time, she snaps 3 photos. Those photos are e-mailed to you and then you respond with your question. So, the other day, I did just that.

Here's my reading if you're interested, along with a number of others that area really fun to peruse:

My opinion on the matter? It's not so much someone divining your future. Instead, the images provide a method for evaluating your thoughts on a situation. Everything has a million interpretations. If you want to see the positive one, you'll see the positive one. If you want the negative one, you'll see the negative one. Simple as that. But it's always neat to hear other people's thoughts too.

So, what do you guys think my reading means? When the Oracle does another reading, would you consider calling in?

Fun extra: One of my (many) favorite XKCD comics touches on the subject of psychics (don't forget to mouseover for an additional humorous comment):


  1. 1. Long nights.
    2. LOTS of school.
    3. A long, steady climb.


    That is a huge decision. A huge, potentially costly, tiring, very rewarding decision.

    I don't put a lot of faith in oracles (which is funny, because one plays a HUGE part in FLICKER), but yeah, I'd give it a go for all the reasons you listed.

  2. Yeah, I hear you. I really don't think this helped me make a decision, but it was still fun to look. I've heard that stairs can indicate a "step up." Financially or otherwise.