Sunday, November 7, 2010

Checking in (and out again)

Thought I'd drop a line, potentially the last one before I go completely bonkers. The house hunt and NaNo are running in parallel; some days are fantastic and some days I curl up in fetal position on the floor while my cats stare judgingly at me. Actually, NaNo is going fantastically. I love my story and my MC, I have plenty to write and tons of directions to explore. After all of the time I spent on my other story (tentatively named Power Trio), it's more fun than I thought to start something new.

The house hunt on the other hand is not more fun than I thought. We've found great houses in bad areas, bad houses in great areas, foreclosures for rent, strange layouts, crazy wallpaper (that the owner is waaaaay to attached to), and then some. My favorite was one with the washer tucked in a tiny hall closet and the dryer on the complete opposite end of the house in a brand new addition off the kitchen. Why the didn't run plumbing from the kitchen into the addition so that they could have the washer and dryer in the same place is beyond me? But, it's in a really cute neighborhood on a quiet street. Figuring out where to compromise is not an easy thing.

I promise as soon as I find a place to live, pack my apartment, move (in the next two weeks, eeeep), write 46,000 more words, and take a bath, I will be back. Back and better than ever.

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  1. The first compromise is that a safe--not nice or perfect or wonderful, but SAFE--neighborhood trumps everything else. Then comes the safety of the structure. It could be the perfect place, layout-wise, but if you're afraid to live there or don't think it will stand up to rain, what's the point?

    Good luck, and hurry back soon.