Friday, February 3, 2012

Two months?!?!?!

You will not believe this! I have been diligently writing blog posts every day for these last two months and then I guess blogger decided to delete them all. That or my cat ate them. Definitely one of the two.

I've been a bad blogger. I still have all this fun content (including a quiz to help you figure out what kind of a bee you are). I need to get back into it. But between my surgery in November, and then the holidays, and now Wildman (my foster cat's) surgery too, I have had some focus issues. I am right now watching Wildman thrash about wildly (how fitting!) in his cat carrier. He's been in it all day, but he's still loopy from the anesthesia and I am not going to be suckered into letting him out. He needs at least another hour of quiet time. Then it's off to the small bedroom which I will fill with pillows and blankets. I have to say, it's pretty funny watching the carrier rock. It looks like something from a haunted house or Gremlins or something. He's all black so I can't really see him in there, but I can see the cage shimmy-shaking constantly. He had his ear cleaned and a tooth pulled and the rest of them scrubbed. Everybody cross your fingers that this time he'll end up feeling better for a long time. He's a 14yo cat with chronic ear issues and stomatitis and he's probably never going to get rid of all of his problems, but I will make sure he is as comfy as possibly for as long as possible.

Work has also been crazy, but fun lately. There is a strong chance I will go to Omaha for a conference this summer, which is coincidentally where I set my first book. I am beyond excited to see the city I've spent the last three years researching and writing about. Not sure if I'll get much sightseeing done, but I'm going to try.

Story updates! I've continued to edit Power Trio. Like a gerbil digging a hole in a glass terrarium. Or a gerbil running on a wheel and never getting anywhere. I didn't own gerbils (or any small mammal for that matter) growing up, but I think I can really relate. Along those same lines, if anyone is in the Atlanta area and is interested in forming a critique group, please email me:

Anyway, I'm off to get Wildman settled. I promise I'll try to be here more regularly... I mean, I'll make sure blogger doesn't keep erasing my amazing, Pulitzer-prize winning posts.


  1. Note to self: move to Atlanta.

    *hugs* to you and Wildman. If I had a tooth pulled and my ear cleaned, I'd probably be thrashing in my carrier, too! But it's all for the best. Maybe you two can make up over a bacon cheeseburger later....

  2. Hope it gets well soon...and your blog entries return from the place where they've been hiding.