Saturday, July 30, 2011


My cats have a special radar. They can sense when I'm being productive, and they spring into immediate action.
In the foreground is Marvel, and in the background is Wildman. My legs were propped up on the coffee table, so he was using his nails to balance on my knees. Marvel crammed onto my chest between my face and my computer.

Sorry for the quality- taken with my camera phone.

I'm curious- what are your biggest distractions (kids, TV, attention-grubbing pets)? And how to you resist the temptation to set your work aside?


  1. You have cute distractions, though.

    My cats are a big distraction, especially the needy ones (cough Elvis cough). My mother is another big distraction. In fact, we just had The Talk for the gazillionth time in a row. You know, the one where you have to explain that even though you don't have to leave the house to do the work you need to do on your book, you still have WORK to do.

    The mother thing is easier to combat than the cat thing, though. All I have to do is turn my phone off. I haven't yet found the off button on a cat.

  2. The distractions are limitless--shelves of books, warm blankets, passing clouds. I do have one of those attention-grubbing cats as well. He is currently about 12 inches from my keyboard.

  3. My cat has learned to be more sneaky - most of the time. Usually, he works his way onto my lap without my knowing he's there. He's old, and finally learned how to not get shooed off the desk.
    As for distractions, that would be kids and computer games. Kids need what kids need, but I should really just uninstall those darn games since I seem to have no self control.

  4. Sneaky kitties! Marvel is only 5, so I guess she still has some more to learn.

    But I am noticing a trend here- a lot of us are dealing with meddling cats. I'm thinking of starting a cat sitting service- "Wannabe Writer's Kitty Day Spa." Activities would include cat mani/pedis and computer aversion training. We could stock the facility with Rachel's warm blankets and books and then get Kara's kids to run the whole program. What do you say?