Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Done, Done, and Done!

Done 1: The French Memo Board door project
Close-up of the fabric, blue
ribbons, and white brads.

The final product turned out infinitely better than I could have imagined. Three of the four panels are perfect, and one is way off, but I stuck that on the bottom and I'll cover it with a big photo or something. Yay!
Done 2: Scientific publication accepted
A first author publication in a well-known, peer-reviewed journal- nerd dream come true! All I've got to do is respond to the reviewers' edits (and I've got a few weeks to get it all done).


Done 3: Power Trio first draft!!!
3 years and 8 days, 99,953 words, and 36 chapters later, the first draft of Power Trio is done. Time to start editing. But first, a read through. There are chapters I haven't touched in months!

Tonight is a good night.

I will note that even all of these accomplishments don't get me out of having to scoop the cat litter boxes tonight. These cats have it good.


  1. So awesome. I admire (and am jealous of) your perseverance. High fives all around.

  2. Yayness! Congrats! And no, nothing short of decapitation gets you out of box duty.

  3. Eat a cupcake you earned it! Getting published in academic journals can be rough. Good luck with the peer reviews, edits and finding a picture for the third panel.

  4. Thanks all! I'm editing as we speak (as we blog?). And I found the perfect thing to cover up the slightly-off panel. It's card with a photo of a muddy pig. Very cute.